Shocking News About Sugar

While everything is generally OK in moderation, you would be well advised to limit your intake of sugar products that contain sugar. Over at Mark's Daily Apple is a great summary of a few adverse effects moderate intakes of sugar have.

It leads to insulin resistance. It promotes inflammation in the body.
It can lead to weight gain when ingested.
It contributes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In fact, our livers process fructose very similarly to the way they process ethanol. Lustig calls fructose “alcohol without the buzz.”
It appears to act like fertilizer for cancer cells.
High fructose diets decrease HDL levels, while reducing the diameter and increasing the density of LDL particles.
Glucose and especially fructose can bond to – glycate – proteins and lipids without proper enzymatic control.

It's just not worth it. Instead of table sugar of poisonous sweeteners, I use Sun Crystals from Wal-Mart.