Some tips to prevent shin splints

That race is one of the most complete at the time of burning calories and keeping our body in perfect condition all know. It is true that the benefits it provides are enormous career and this has become a popular activity among the sports enthusiasts. But there are some problems associated with this activity as shin splints, caused by excessive stress on the shin area to perform an activity in which the legs are completely involved. So in this post we see how we can prevent it.

The shin splints
is a certain discomfort we suffered on occasion when we went for a run. It is an inflammation in the part of the tibia, particularly in the front let protector, which is the link between the very warm and the twins. Usually this inflammation is due to excessive tension in this area eventually leading to pain and discomfort. The feeling that we will experience in this part when you see the shin splints is swelling and pain, as if we had taken a blow to the shin and we had a hematoma nonexistent. Something that will heal with rest, but that can be avoided and prevented.
The land

One of the reasons that may appear shin splints overload is produced in this area. This overhead can be triggered by the land on which we will make the race. If it is a surface that does not absorb too harsh impact that we risk this condensate is left in the part of the tibia, resulting in this uncomfortable pain that no one wants to suffer. Therefore it is necessary to specify an area in which we're moving to opt for the most soft and delicate to affect as little as possible to the area of ​​the tibia.

Footwear is another point to consider, is that the same as the ground, the shoe is one of the main advantages when it comes to getting absorb the shock that occurs while practicing career stride. Footwear is the only way we can isolate the firm we have chosen to run. When choosing a shoe that cushions properly achieve nearly total impact remains in the shoe and not in our body, and much less in the area of ​​the tibia. This would not be affected this part and keep away the shin splints in our lives.

Sometimes it is not enough to choose both the firm and in the equipment, but many times it is important to define where we are able to get. Not everyone has the same physical form and therefore not all going to be able to endure the same thing when practicing career. It is therefore important that first of all we know and we know where we are able to reach, as too much time and strength when practicing career can be a trigger for shin splints. Therefore it is necessary to know how far we can get without harming and risk our health just by lack of planning when jogging.

Other points to consider

In addition to these basic requirements when practicing career, there are other variables to consider. One of them has a lot to do with our physiognomy, as the shin splints have much to do in most cases with the kind of footprint we have., Therefore need to know and put the remedy with the right shoes or special templates to carry out the race without any problems. Along with this we must take into account other points such as lack of muscular rest in the area we will get massage and stretching, as well as having a way of life in which the legs are always in tension, like being prolonged standing, walking ... In these cases, the rest will be essential in preventing shin splints.
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