Some curiosities about breathing during sports

Marathon Runners Breathing

 With the sport will require higher amounts of oxygen, since our body needs more contribution to carry out the activity itself. Oxygen is achieved through correct breathing controlling the timing and manner in which we must do. But sometimes we miss some points about it. That is why this time we see some points on breathing when doing sports.

It's true and everyone knows that while our lungs are doing sports have a greater job, since as we have seen before, the demands by the body increases. Therefore it is necessary to know that the thoracic capacity increases due to the lungs receive more air than normal and with a greater speed. That is why it is important to bear in mind the diaphragm, the intercostal and abdominal wall, which will come into action.

Increased capacity thoracic

To increase our ability chest and get inspire more oxygen we need to keep respiratory process throughout the abdominal wall contracted, and which thus able to expand over the diaphragm and intercostal so as to achieve lung expansion and power receive more oxygen we need to carry out the exercise we are undertaking.

Breathing correctly

The way to get the air is something that we must consider when exercising, as there are many doubts about it, because there are many people who do not know whether to be inspired by the nose and exhaling through your mouth. We are going to give some indications about it. The ideal in all cases is to inspire air through the nose and that thus it will filter and get it warm and is at body temperature.

Despite this, inspired by the nose we can do when the activity is moderate, because when high intensity becomes necessary to obtain a greater amount of air, so we turn to the mouth to get more air so faster. It is important to bear this in mind for how to react when the situation and not think that we are doing it incorrectly.

Increased lung capacity

But we must not only stay with this, but we need to know the change experienced by the lungs to make exercise a regular basis in which breathing plays an important role, because as we use them and work for more number oxygen, what we are doing is increasing the capacity of the same, which will grow gradually increasing our body's ability to get oxygen.

To receive more oxygen which will get a better response from our body. It is what is known as resistance that will help us better support the exercise we are carrying out and thus best brands and increase the already achieved to replace them with new and more ambitious.
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