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Christian Thibaudeau
Arrived the time of definition, although some still are in another stage because our goals are more distant and summer, everyone would like to have a method of destruction ideal for losing fat as quickly as possible and, if it could be , losing the least amount of muscle possible.

Well, we know that the key to losing fat is mostly diet, so this is not going to play in this post, we will discuss the method of destroying Christian Thibaudeau fat, muscle preserving the maximum possible. Today in this post we will try the three training methods that are commonly used:

1. Training high reps at low weight

The vast majority of people, especially those who are new to the gym, even many instructors recommend, use this method to define is based that you increase the number of repetitions per set and lose weight. Sure sounds like this issue is already discussed many times, even in this discussion fitness: definition with low weight and high repetitions.

Sure you hate typical in the gym, "Now, as I want to define, I have to do 15 to 20 repetitions because for volume I of 8-12". They argue that high rep sets with extra muscle added that what they do is chisel or carve more, something totally absurd.

Keep in mind that many repetitions are made to the definition, and even getting the famous supersets, you will not get as high energy expenditure as advocates think this training method, so your fat index just because this is not going to go down and get over losing muscle!

You come to train heavy and suddenly you go from light train your body does not create interesting preserve muscle and you need muscle to move weights high if above have a lack of energy, due to your diet, which will do is trying to lose that extra muscle to the caloric need (metabolism) is less.

Christian Thibaudeau

Two. Training lactic acid release

Certainly know that the lactic acid is associated with the release of growth hormone (GH), and that GH, although not suitable for adults hypertrophy (endogenous, which we believe) is a lipolytic hormone (stimulates fatty acid release) and is anti-catabolic (preserves muscle).

This is the basis of HIIT cardio, of which we have spoken many times in Viton, these explosive series cardio mixed with moderate or total shutdowns. The more difference exists between the two types of cardio (explosive-moderate) the greater the release of lactic acid and thus the release of GH.

A weight HIIT would repetition ranges using very high, since the release of lactate series of blocks 50 and 70 entering seconds if each repetition is 4 seconds are required between 12 and 18 repetitions per set. With 20 or more sets per muscle and break times very low, around 30 seconds. This second method is more effective in stimulating fat loss and protect muscle mass than the first.
Three. Lifting heavy weight to protect muscle

I can say that I agree that it is one of the best ways to maintain muscle when defined, in fact the vast majority of coaches give it as the best way of defining, maintaining high loads and the number of repetitions that were made in volume.

The key, as we have always said, is to let the diet do its effect, whatever it burns fat, including some cardiovascular exercise, but it is something we have already commented on this post about if you can not define without cardio is totally necessary

Being in low calorie regimen want to remove the body to lose muscle metabolism so you should give it a reason to preserve, and that reason is to move heavy weights, since this requires muscle, and to continue with that work that you demand the only thing your body can do is keep the maximum amount of muscle possible.

In the next post we'll talk about another factor to consider: the adaptive response of our body, that is, your body needs energy and nutrients also to adapt to physiological stress, every time your body needs to regenerate muscles need energy to process fuel and nutrients for the "bricks".
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