Curious Steps to be Happy

Human beings have a responsibility to know that happiness does not come knocking on the door alone. It is therefore necessary to take charge and work on it.

    To avoid depression and anxiety, one should be more selfish psychiatrist, have fewer friends (but good), and to be more ignorant about today.

Check lot of the Facebook and be so generous that he / she is not given time to him / herself can be made simple, but in the background are hurting happiness and inner peace.

As a psychiatrist, U.S. Sheenie Ambardar, knows the subject, and has seen his patients have seen improved their depression and anxiety, doing their part and setting aside certain habits that may never stop to think that they could be detrimental to their mental health.

Ambardar, member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the American Psychiatric Association U.S. -As well as the award-winning Compassionate Doctor Award (Award compassionate doctor) - works downtown The Happiness Psychiatrist (The psychiatrist happiness), and along with mix of Eastern and Western philosophies, has sought through its columns, provide valuable information about how small changes in behavior could improve the welfare of the people, before you get to take medication for it.

Although, as he said, to be a "psychiatrist trained in psychopharmacology" Ambardar is aware that there are other ways to work the mind, and that relate to the way in which faces daily life.

Thus, for example, recommends limiting the use of Facebook, although it is a useful tool for keeping in touch, can lead to instability and even jealousy, he explained, if often used to monitor the rest, compare and create an "image "or" reputation "virtual.

On the other hand, is the responsibility of knowing that happiness does not come knocking on the door alone. It is therefore necessary to take charge and work on it. How? For example, setting an achievable goal that motivates get up every day and be open to contact with other people, which means that simple gestures such as waving and talking to the clerk of a place or smiling at someone on the street.

Also mentions Ambardar, carry a notebook to write your thoughts, especially if you are a person who has trouble expressing verbally, and open up to read topics of spirituality, into deep issues that call for reflection and realize that things happening, perhaps not as severe.

Other data that delivers the psychiatrist are amazing ways to be happier, published in The Huffington Post, and called attention to seem "contradictory at first sight", but who respond to years of observation to adult patients. These are:

1. Earn less money: Having more possessions will not make you happy, therefore, if your job is one of the factors that depress you, find another, working fewer hours, earn less money if necessary, but enjoys life, advises Ambardar.

Two. Do not marry: "Not everyone is cut out for marriage," said the psychiatrist. That is why, unless you are hundred percent sure / a pass to be given to marry a person, it is recommended to abstain, not to swell the long list of patients who come to therapy, complaining of breathlessness, frustration and disappointment of her marriage.

Getting married is not a goal that all human beings should live, according to the expert. We must be honest with the nature and accept that, perhaps, you are someone who is given more to live alone / ay / hen parties.

Three. Be selfish: While empathy, understanding and concern are things valued in human relationships, they should not be "at the expense of ourselves or our own personal fulfillment," says Ambardar.

Just stop and think if you're not really being more accommodating than they should, and you're still in that relationship for not harming the other-though you find harto/a- have, or if you're actually living a lifestyle to give in taste to others and not yourself / a. If you feel so, "why do not we start being compassionate and kind to ourselves?" Asks the expert, adding that "it's okay to be selfish."

April. Ten fewer friends: It is known that the quality is better than quantity. So when it comes to being surrounded by people, it is worth reducing the circle, leaving the neighborhood of the true friends, though they are few.

"The sooner we accept this reality, the less likely to feel disappointed / or depressed / a when people do not measure up to our expectations" says Ambardar.

May. Be ignorant: Be informed of what is happening in the world lets you know where you stand and have an opinion about the present we live in the country and the world. But is it necessary to spend all day bombed information through TV, radio, computer and smatphone?

This, to the psychiatrist, "we are becoming a society gone mad, frantic and emotionally insecure, unable to relax and find inner peace." Better find something else to do with time, to be constantly connected.

June. Do not ask the impossible: If what you want is a relationship, a job and a life that you are given A, do not get into matters that will give B. Sounds easy, but some people have as part of their nature to be stubborn and insist insist on situations that are simply not for them.

"You will be much happier and be at peace, if you develop the strength to wait patiently, choose wisely (...), and only accept good things in your life that really worth your time and energy," he said.


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