Veterans Wounded Send Inspiring Message to Boston Survivors -Video

Boston Marathon 2008
Boston Marathon 2008 (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)
Madai Perez at the 2007 Boston Marathon
Madai Perez at the 2007 Boston Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
                         The Wounded Veterans Send Inspiring Message to Boston Survivors 

"We stand with you."
Those are the powerful words delivered by U.S. veterans to survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings in this new video.
Shoulder 2 Shoulder, a Virginia-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, produced the YouTube clip that features veterans from the Wounded Warrior Community. The vets show off all the amazing things they can still do despite their disabilities.

The YouTube description elaborates on why the organization felt inspired to create the video:
Given the numerous amputees as a result of the bombings, we thought that it would be valuable to provide direct amputee-to-amputee perspective on dealing with initial fears, recovery strategies, and clear visceral proof that amputations do NOT preclude people from leading rich, full, and exciting lives.
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