Excessive Salt In Your Food Death Related Usa

That salt shaker. A new study linking 1 in 10 deaths in this usa country to excessive salt.
The abc's chief medical  dr. Richard besser.

Americans eat out five times per week and restaurants are incredibly good at hiding salt. Take a look at this. This is the lasagna at the olive garden.

Almost two days worth of salt in it. This is the riblets from applebee's. Almost four days worth of salt.

Before you go out to the chains, check their menu online and look for the low sodium options. Really about portions and what you order when you are out to eat. How much salt are we really eating?

Reporter: This is the amount of salt that's recommended for an american to have in an entire year. Let me show you what the average american does take in. More than twice the amount of what's recommended.

Extremely dangerous. And options that work just as well? Reporter: Instead of reaching for the salt shaker, try a little lemon juice, pepper, herbs, that will give you the flavor without the salt.